After Hours
Triage Call Service

Our service allows your patients to call anytime you are away from your office.
Qualified RN’s respond to your patients promptly about their child’s illness.

Welcome to PediCallCare

PediCallCare is committed to supporting Physicians with high quality nursing triage support, featuring our highly reliable state of the art technology system.

Pedicallcare is offering office specific protocols for COVID-19. Additionally, we are using Barton Schmitt protocol for Coronavirus as well as CDC recommendations to assure that we are providing the best education and teaching to your patients and getting them to where they need to go should they need to be seen or tested.  Rest assured we will triage your patients quickly and effectively during this time of National Emergency.


Our primary goal is to partner with pediatric physicians and provide them seemless continuity of care for their patients during after hours.



Our after hour triage for pediatricians is in all Nurse Licence Compact States (NLC States) associated with the state of Texas.


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